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1st Class Leather goods Repairs ~ Leathergoods & Luggage Repairs Ltd
01753 862 824 103, High Street, Eton, Berkshire, SL4 6AF      

Please see "Where We are & Hours" for our opening times

We are as near to you as your nearest post office.

                                                             Sadly we are unable to undertake any embossing jobs until middle of January 2021

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There is nothing quite like leather!  Fabrics, plastics, all the man made stuff pouring out of Asia, can never match the touch and history of leather goods. In the course of our repairs we can repair these, but the skill lies in the craftsmanship required to work with leather, and return an item back to health and usefulness. Few craftsman capable of this tlc, remain today.

Until the First World War, most ordinary folk did not travel. By 1930, suitcases and containers made from leather were the latest thing.  Items from this period carry a lot of history, and require careful restoration, using where possible original materials. As fashions changed through the remainder of the 20th century leather remained a quality durable item capable of restoration. The growth of ladies handbag designs, has made the discovery that whilst fashion changes, well loved designs remain, and are as desirable as the new.  Leather clothing also moved through fashion changes and for the most part retain its durability if attended to from time to time by a craftsman. Books, now facing threat from electronic versions, will never change, and our craftsman can rebind or repair. This same craftsman can remove old initials, and replace with new,and can rebind the outer leather of wood boxes, and jewellery cases.

Fortunately there are still a range of spare metal parts available, which our craftsmen can fit to handbags and briefcases, and all specialist leather goods including bellows,gun cases, cartridge bags, rifle sleeves, golf bags, and specialist equipment holdalls.

Or, our craftsmans skills, can be put to work creating bespoke from your design.

  • repairers to
  • The Bridge
  • Jane Shilton
  • Marc Jacob
  • Osprey
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Mulberry
  • Radley
  • S.American Hide leather Holdalls, Land,Tula, etc
  • Texier
  • EBay specials - ;)
  • https://www.ebags.com/brands
  • Replacement zip from £36
  • Long brass zips for Gun sleeves
  • ladies purse
  • gents wallet
  • Reline handbags and shoulder bags
  • refurbish Holdalls
  • antique trunks, storage trunks, steamer trunks, wicker trunks
  • vintage car trunks, door retainer straps, bonnet straps
  • masonic & specialist cases ,
  • straps and covers,
  • custom - bespoke hand made leather case, hand made leather
  • custom made bespoke gunbags, custom hand made guncases
  • leather rip repair, leather scratch repair
  • leather strap, canvas strap, webbing strap, luggage strap
  • gun cases, cartridge bags, gamebags
  • footwear uppers, ladies sandal straps, riding & polo boots
  • fireside bellows
  • leather Tankards
  • leather grommets & washers
  • fire safety leather straps
  • experienced pilots have old cases
  • pannier bags, picnic cases, pencases
  • musicians have instrument cases - guitar , saxophone , mandolin , violin , cello , trumpet , horn
  • laptop bags, holdalls, cases
  • leather clothing, bike jackets, bike all in ones
  • embossing leather, embossing on sewn on panels
  • leather care products
  • repair estimates for insured travel goods, luggage, suitcases

Customers over the years have been unusual and varied in their requirements, and include historically famous families, celebrities, and business and professional personalities, as well as meeting the every day needs of ladies and men and people on the go.

We are as near to you as your nearest post office.

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