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1st stop service for repair of Gun Slips & Sporting Cases  
Eton Repairs, 103 High Street, Eton, Windsor SL4 6AF             01753 862824   Personal visits on a Saturday for these items by appointment only

Traditional gun and sporting bags, cases, & holdalls whether of leather or man made materials of reasonable quality or sentimental value  in 
heavy denier nylon,  canvas tote bags, canvas, webbing repairs , tear , rip , scratch , mark ,  stain ,strap , lock , handle , hinge , pocket , lining , slide, zipper , stitch , lock, catch , hook , buckle,  rivet , stud , eyelet, key , combination

  • new zip on gun sleeves & slips,custom made bespoke gunbags, custom hand made guncases
  • gunbags, gamebags, 50, 75 or 100 cartridge bags
  • Golf Bags (Cheap Chinese replacements can be cheaper than repairs!)
  • rod and reel cases, fly case, leather fly rod cases
  • gun cases, cartridge cases refurbish , reline ,
  • new zip into gunsleeve
  • replace slings, straight or adjustable
  • emboss initials onto strap or panel
  • riding & polo boots
  • replace zip in a golf bag
  • replace leather seats on a seat stick
  • specialist water ski bags. ski straps
  • ice skate boot uppers
  • skateboard garments
  • racing leathers
  • split seams in gloves

We are as near to you as your nearest post office.

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