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1st Class Handbag  Repairs
01753  862824 103, High Street, Eton, Berkshire, SL4 6AF  .

Normally unavailable on Saturdays for personal visits, you may check on the day.

Most problems occur to Zips, handle straps, and linings.    All can be replaced.

Newer bags lose studs sometimes it is difficult to exactly match.  Gone are the days when Britain made everything. We have to make do with a few styles from Italy and China.

Classic coloured Bags in Black or Brown are easier to refurbish.  Much harder to do are the pale couloured leathers, white, cream, beige etc.  We can dye out most stains or if rubbing wear, or scratches, or small tears,the only easy answer is to replace with fresh leather, - easiest to do are replacement pipings - the  joining strip between  front side and base, which is often used to maintain the shape of the bag as well.  front heavy scratches can be reduced but not eliminated, unless a replacement panel is sewn in. New redye service see What we do

New Service:     Redye:  Fed up with that old colour to match a dress no longer in fashion? . Prices from £50  do not forget that light to dark leaves zip tapes and linings in original colours unless also replaced.  However, pale colours are difficult if not impossible to redo as the replacement colours are transluscent not solid.   Usual turnaround time 3 weeks.  There is a possibility that some leathers will not take kindly to redye, if any doubt we will advise after receipt in hand and examination and test.   Most suitable are vegetable tanned smooth  leathers, least suitable are hard coated leathers.

Need to cover up a bad stain - have you thought about adding a decorative panel in contrast colour? change the look and add zest to the bag.

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