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Personal Repairs - How it works  103, High Street, Eton, Berkshire, SL4 6AF

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1) If your questions aren’t fully answered here give please call 01753 862824  Opening hours 10.10-5.30 Tuesday - Saturday, Sunday 11:30-4:30 Closed all day Monday. We are open Saturday by appointment only.  Or send an email see “Contact us”. If it is hard to describe the problem you have it would be helpful if you can send us a small photo ( choose smallest size in your camera menu ) prefer .jpg or jpeg or .pdf.    Personal callers are always welcome - please refer to "How to find us".

2) Write a letter with your name & address and  phone number.  If you give a cell phone number you will receive a text. Please take care if you hand type/write the address details.   Describe the problem to rectify and any preferences. Enclose the letter with your parcel containing your item to be repaired. We are unable to execute repairs if this letter with all details is not included. We cannot accept verbal instructions. If you complete fully the contact us email, you will have a handy print out to include with your parcel, together with any further exchanges.

A)  Your local Post Office will offer you a number of solutions. Although the service is more expensive we recommend Next Day as it is both secure and Insured.  Any other tracked system is also a good idea. Use non tracked only if you are using a Main Post Office, or if prepared to take the risk of the parcel going astray. Do not send on a Friday. We are able to offer our contract carriage service to parcels over 2KG.

B)  Overseas mailings - It is imperative that the outside of the parcel clearly states that the contents are item(s) for Repair and Return to Sender; so no duty/tax falls due. We recommend UPS for high value items, as their UK depot is local to us.

3) On receiving your parcel & after examination of the job, we will either phone, text message (SMS) or send  you an e-mail.  Please include your email address on your letterhead, acknowledging safe receipt and our quotation(s) for repair, and deal with any matters arising. We will not proceed without your confirmation that the price is ok.  Normal response after receipt of your parcel might be about a week after receiving it, please advise in your letter if you require prompt acknowledgment of safe arrival. (Currently Skype insist on displaying our mobile number, however with poor reception due to Windsor Castle, please do not use for your replies)

4) We will undertake the work following the philosophy of the best match possible. ( We cannot guarantee a perfect match ) All work is carried out by hand by traditionally trained and experienced craftsmen.  We require around 12-18 working days*.  However, if urgent  please advise us of this both in your phone call and letter accompanying the item. We will advise you then of our best turnaround date, from quotation acceptance. If possible we will take your paycard details. We operate a secure system under the terms of the issuers of cards.

5) When we are ready to return to you we will advise you, and if not already supplied,  request your payment card details, for the previously agreed amount, plus return P&P. ( We use a tracked insured service for all items up to £500 in value. Please advise if you will take responsibility for an alternative service if  that is your preference. Items in excess of £500 need to be covered by your personal insurance policy. With some repairs or refurbishments the final price may not be known until the work has been carried out - but we would have advised you of this earlier. There is a  surcharge for payments by cheque. All carriage returned items will contain a payment receipt and a job sheet, for your convenience.

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