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Leather care

Brief History - Post 1918 - Redye - Damp - Self restoration products available              (Our Telephone - 01753 862824)

For those who wish to undertake simple restoration themselves or wish to keep leather furniture and upholstery in good condition we offer a number of products which may be sent to you  Minimum Carriage & Packing is £5

4Way Care leather Conditioner (preserves,strengthens,cleans,finishes)236ml £4.99
Leather Balm with Atom wax, feed and polish for smooth leathers 118ml £4.99
Saddle soap with lanolin to help preserve the leather, screw top flat tub 200ml £5.99
Glycerine saddle soap spray bottle  473ml £5.95

Dubbin, ducks grease for waterproofing outdoor footwear, 125g tin with tweist off lid £3.49
Mars Leather Dressing,  the best softner for hard leather 100ml bottle with brush in cap £4.99
Ko-cao-line Leather Dressing, lidded tin 225g  £4.99
Carnuba Creme to give a hard shiny protective finish to leather £4.99 for 118ml
Bag Kote - great for handbags - gives a lasting high gloss £4.99 for 118ml
Solid beeswax squares £1.50
Spot remover, danger keep away from heat or flame, and children 118ml  £3.99

     Telephone  01753 862824  or from overseas please call 0044 1753 862824during working hours

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