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Other Services                                                                   +44 (0)1753  862824

Your item does not have to be made from leather, we also work with fabrics, such as heavy denier nylon, canvas, or heavy weight cottons.   However, we do not undertake general fabric clothing repairs or alterations.  Please look up "Tailor" in your local directory.

Find a combination. Urgent Repairs Help! anywhere within 30 miles from Eton - Contact your concierge if at a hotel.

Emboss Leather -

Work may now be undertaken to emboss.  Letters only.  Special logos require a pre made casting block.

Initials onto leather usual colours gold silver or black - please ask for a quotation. Subject to prior notice turnaround normally 48 hours excluding post.
Emboss trade logos onto leather ( this involves an extra charge for the block typically at a cost of around £250 )

Regretfully, the young man doing our umbrella repairs can''t get enough work.  Personal callers to the Umbrella shop in High Holborn may strike lucky.

Insurance quotations for damaged goods.  £6.00 sent by Royal Mail on order, and refunded if we later carry out repair

Merchentable Quality  - assist with professional advice on leathergoods purchased within one year which are "not fit for the purpose"

Reline interiors - bags or luggage - the all important need to know is whether the lining is sewn into the design or is a loose bag sewn only at the top the latter is usually economic to replace. We can use suede, or fabric or you may supply your choice - please discuss first.

Refurbish leather   we are able to bring back leather which has been left somewhere wet or damp, or scorched and dry from say a loft or somewhere exposed to sun.

Spare Parts   We are unable to supply parts in trade quantities but will send out to order a single part(s) if it can be easily identified and is available in our workshop - not allowed to supply if the item is under warranty

We can recover or repair leather stuffed animal ornaments or playthings.

Vintage cars or carriages we make replacement leather valves, pads, and straps, or refurbish Rolls Royce strap on trunks
Saddlebags for motorbikes, leather steering wheel covers, any traditional leather container

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