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What we do

Bring back a little life back to leather. New redye service starts from £60.00.  Ink,Biro,Pet Stains, Food,Drink,can be removed, or covered or panelled in fresh leather depending on nature of stain or damage.  Most colours now possible, we will advise alternatives if necessary.

Leather in items used regularly, pick up of dirt and stains which may be possible to remove. we can restore dry or damp leathers.

Leather if regularly maintained will last a life time if not generations, but frequently consigned to lofts or cellars, leads to a general deterioration, which may sometimes be reversed.  Genuine Patent leather bags require a lot of care be sure to follow supplier's instructions. Crocodile & Lizard leather whilst the hardest wearing, needs attention, note real crocodile leather is hard to locate today, due to wild life bans.  Pet stains can be removed, and so can bad odours.  Service starts at £50.00, workshop craftsmen will advise on examination.

Well worn leather can be improved but cannot get back to good as new, we will advise for each item after examination by our craftsmen.
The live cells of skin can restore themselves . However,  leather fantastic though it is as a means of creating a durable and wonderful container, once scratched and scuffed, particularly if a pale colour, requires careful attention.

Redying leather clothing, is also possible or with some high quality leather clothing requiring whole panel repairs may also be undertaken, where the least cost option is not suitable

In the event of a repair or alteration not achieving what it was supposed to do we will take back and remedy our work at no further cost, where our work has not been achieved up to the standard we expect from the parts supplied to us or where we have to accept parts or fabrics, which may not conform to past UK quality criteria,  or as executed by our craftsmen,  however, sometimes the original manufacturer has a poor design, and whilst we will make every endeavour to overcome that failure, it is necessary to point out that third party design flaws are not our responsibility, although we will rectify if at all possible.  If any work we have undertaken, is declined subsquently, we reserve the right to remove our work and materials prior to any refund being entertained

For the rest it might be easier to describe what we cannot do!

Broken metal wear cannot be repaired.   It is normal to replace it with a new fitting.  This is ok if the part is still available.

If you are unable to find a jeweller to undertake welds on metal wear, we will be happy to offer an alternative solution.

We are not carpenters or joiners and will not undertake wood repairs, unless there is to be a leather solution to the problem

Nor do we repair metal boxes,

Because we need the parts for our repairs we do not supply parts in any quantity, but may be able to send individual parts if readily identified.  We may decline part requests where specification cannot be supplied accurately or exactly.

We do not undertake general fabric clothing repairs or alterations.  Please look up "Tailor" in your local directory.

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